Tractor-Trailer Truck Driver - requires a Class A CDL
Paver Operator
Mechanic - Full time
Mail Application to:
          Anderson Western, Inc.
          PO Box 2319
          Bismarck, ND  58502-2319
Drop off Application at:
1707 Yegen Road, Bismarck, ND  58502
Fax Application to: (701) 222-3516
We do not do commercial or residential paving.

The following is a list of employment positions with potential job opportunities. Job Openings listed below

Screed Operator
Pick-up Machine Operator
Roller Operator
Road Work Employees
Asphalt Plant Site Employees
We are a heavy highway construction company completing paving projects for North Dakota and South Dakota Departments of Transportation as well as projects for county highway departments.
We work as a team to achieve our individual and company goals of quality, professionalism and safety.
Benefits:  Anderson Western, Inc. will provide safety and on the job training as needed, for newly hired employees.  We provide access to health insurance, pension plans and have a company sponsored 401(k) plan.
Subcontractors:  All contractors are encouraged to submit bids for work on projects in North and South Dakota. Quotes can be faxed or emailed to us.  We often hire owner-operator truck drivers to assist in hauling materials on our projects.  Please call if you have trucks for hire.
Both ND and SD DOT's have goals for using Disadvantaged Business Enterprises.  We strive to use as many DBE firms as possible on our projects to assist in the growth and development of these businesses.
We prefer hiring people with experience, but we participate in the DOT On-The-Job Training (OJT) programs. The purpose of the OJT programs is to bring more female, minority and economically disadvantaged people in to the road construction field.
We have one portable asphalt plant that we move across both states each construction season.
We generally pave from late April through late October.

Word Doc. 2019 Application

PDF Doc. 2019 Application

Asphalt Plant  Tender (2nd Plant-Man)

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